New park, food center, bus hub coming to Chencharu, Yishun

A plantation house from the colonial era in Bukit Sembawang will stand on top of an upcoming park. It will be among the amenities that will be constructed for residents of the upcoming housing area in Yishun.

Chencharu is bounded by Yishun Avenues 1 and 2, and Sembawang Road, will also feature an integrated development comprising the hawker centre and bus interchange, as well as shops and residential units.

The facilities that will be built comprise a nursing home as well as an educational facility to serve residents of all different ages.

Chencharu was made up of farms and plantations during the 1900s and was subsequently renovated for commercial and recreational purposes. It housed plant nurseries as well as the former Bottle Tree Park later transforming into Orto recreation park. The region was designated for residential use as part of the Urban Redevelopment Authority’s masterplan of 2019.

By 2040, approximately 10,000 houses will be constructed on the site that covers 70ha, at least 80 per cent of them will be flats for the public.

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HDB announced that the first Build-to Order project in Chencharu will be launched prior to the end of June. It includes 1,270 units that include flexi-flats and flexi-flats having two rooms as well as three- four-, three- and five-room homes. The rest of the projects will be introduced in stages in the coming years.

The plans for the area will pay homage to Chencharu’s history and heritage as well as incorporating innovative and sustainable elements into the developments.

Precincts are connected to recreation spaces, and are easily accessible via public transportation, encouraging individuals to walk or cycle to work.

At the centre of the estate will be a footpath that will connect the park to the current neighbourhood park close to Khatib MRT station in the east.

A new bus-only road called Chencharu Link will run from the north to the south of the estate in order to provide dedicated road space for better bus travel.

There will be pathways for cycling and walking that link to neighbouring towns like Sembawang and to recreation nodes such as Khatib Bongsu Nature Park, Lower Seletar Reservoir and the coming North-South Corridor.

The initial BTO project in Chencharu will feature features from the more than 100 years old bungalow at 50 Bah Soon Pah Road. The authorities have preserved the two-storey bungalow built by the Bukit Sembawang Rubber Company in the early 1900s.

Inspiring itself from the bungalow’s architectural style which has its floors elevated above the ground using masonry piers and columns and columns, the BTO project will feature a black outline for the first couple of storeys, and an all-black, red and white facade that mirrors the colours of the house.

The bungalow will be used to serve the use of the community.

The park is situated near the BTO project and will have playgrounds, fitness areas with exercise equipment as well as hard courts, open lawns for playing sports as well as a therapeutic area.

The heritage trail will include stories and gardens to help residents learn more about the rich history of the area.

All of these aspects aim to encourage social connectivity, active lifestyles, and well-being among residents.

Two tenants from Lorong Chencharu that were popular with the public, and must leave their property to allow for new developments. The tenants will be moved to a site close to HomeTeamNS Khatib.

They are Ground-Up Initiative, a non-profit organization known for its focus on sustainability and building community and also the Live Turtle Museum.

This will allow existing community activities in these unique recreational spaces to continue, but also allow for the formation of strong social bonds with new inhabitants of Chencharu and thereby strengthening the identity of Chencharu as a vibrant, modern kampung.

These homes also have options that will allow homeowners to use smart home technologies.

The city will also implement smart lighting systems that will allow HDB as well as local councils to keep track of the lighting in public areas in real-time, thus reducing the need to conduct manual checks.

The demand is high for previous BTO launches in Yishun is expected to persist for the initial BTO launched in Chencharu.

Across three BTO projects in Yishun that were inaugurated in November 2022 In all, there were over 1,400 applicants competing for 917 four-room flats, and an additional 1,400 people applied for 795 five-room apartments.

Furthermore, the facilities being planned for the area will likely to generate positive interest among potential home buyers who are looking for a community that meets their daily needs and also provides convenience.