Tengah to open a supermarket and food court end of Q2 2024

In April 2024 the section of Plantation Farmway that runs between Plantation Acres & Plantation Grange is scheduled to be completed.

Plantation Farmway, between Plantation Village & Plantation Grove, will open in the second half of 2024.

Plantation Village was finished in the month of January 2024 and the last residential blocks of Plantation Grove will be completed in the end of the second quarter in 2024.

A mobile FairPrice grocery truck has been parked at Plantation Acres, Plantation Grange and Plantation Village, among other interim measures HDB has implemented to meet residents’ basic needs in the meantime.

The opening of a food court and a grocery store in Tengah’s first neighbourhood center, Plantation Plaza at the close of the second quarter in 2024 will be a relief for residents who have been complaining about the lack of amenities within the new estate of housing as well as alternatives for public transportation.

The five-storey Plantation Plaza that covers more than 10,000 square metres, has 75 shops, including a food court and a supermarket, along with eating and retail options as well as service.


The project is intended to provide a complete experience for residents. Additional eateries stores, shops, and other services will open in the future.

Most of the shops are anticipated to be operational from mid-2024 approximately six months after the completion of the initial Tengah Build-to-Order (BTO) project Plantation Acres and Plantation Grange in December 2023, according to HDB.

Plantation Plaza is scheduled to be integrated with another BTO project called Plantation Village, which was completed in January 2024. The agency had worked with Giant to help them plan their renovations, and also to allow the construction to begin on Plantation Plaza immediately after obtaining the temporary occupancy permit.

With Plantation Plaza being completed later than the homes in Plantation Village, it was working on residential units first before catching up on the construction of facilities and amenities in the precinct.

This was due to the opinions of the majority of flat owners who wanted to start renovations as soon as they received their keys.

The construction of Plantation Plaza has been timed to be completed about the same time as four BTO precincts within its immediate vicinity – Plantation Grange, Plantation Acres, Plantation Village and Plantation Grove – in order to provide services for residents who live there.

Plantation Plaza isn’t finished until a significant number of residents have settled in, estimated at mid-2024 after home renovations are completed within six months of key collection. This will ensure the sustainability of the retailers.

In order to assist businesses during the first few months of tenancy, as the number of residents in Tengah grows, HDB will offer new tenants of shops staggered rent reductions.

Plantation Plaza will be connected to the Plantation Village Blocks 127A-126A by an retail street and a pedestrian mall. It is a straight line with 14 eateries and retail stores.

It will provide residents with safe pedestrian connection from their homes towards the upcoming Tengah Plantation MRT station on the Jurong Region Line, which is slated to be completed in 2029.

Plantation Farmway, an environmentally friendly connector, will connect the housing precincts and connect them to the recreational facilities of the vicinity – like playgrounds for children as well as fitness centers for adults and seniors as well as a multipurpose court and seating that is landscaped.